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I am Yann Elias Redlitz, a young media artist from Berlin. Filmmaking and media design have been a passion for me since my childhood. A few years ago I started producing short films with the intention of telling stories that affect and inspire people and show new perspectives to think. Further, I was part of the independent film production: HipBeat in 2019. Currently, I'm working for the youth editorial team: Der Merianer as a web developer and media artist.

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On the cloud

Have you ever thought about what will happen if we die? At some point, we all die anyway, and when it doesn't matter at all whether we had a happy or unhappy life. This is Yara's way of life, with which she embarks on a canoe trip with her boyfriend. (only german version)

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Magic Cereals

This shorty was created as part of an art project. My intention was originally to explain how fantastic the three act structure works - no matter how absurd the story is. But what ultimately became of it even won a film award at the Videonale in 2018.

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Bad Game

Ben's job is to travel through Germany with his father on behalf of the police, then he has to go undercover into schools and clear up drug cases. Now he and his father move to Berlin and he meets Ella, who has already dealt and Ben get into a dilemma between his father and his first love. If he resolved this case, he would betray her! (English subs version on YT-Channel)

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